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As of 12.29.23, WE NO LONGER HAVE WALK IN SALES, or OPEN door Hours..

We will continue selling in-stock New and Used BMW Parts and BMW Motorcycles, BY APPOINTMENT, VIA EMAIL, AND ON EbAY FOR THE NEXT COUPLE OF MONTHS.


Re-Psycle is an INDEPENDENT Parts & Service shop, EXCLUSIVELY for BMW Motorcycles. We have the most extensive New & Used BMW Parts & Accessories inventory in the mid-east. Additionally, because we have the knowledge, experience and expertise; you can be confident that we will supply you with all the right parts to successfully complete your service or repairs.




Our sales staff is always ready to answer your questions and help you select the right Parts, Service or BMW Motorcycle for you.

In an ongoing effort to provide you a steady supply of good used BMW parts (without becoming a dismantler), we attend numerous swap meets every year.

It’s our job to recognize the parts, negotiate a purchase, haul the parts back to our truck, load them up, bring them back, sort, clean, inspect, and stock them on our shelves until you need them. (It does have a side effect of sore muscles and some loss of sleep.)

We load up our sales booth and wagon and fill the truck about 1/6 full of parts. By the end of the swap meet, we usually have a full truck to bring back.


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Do not use public transportation - Ride Motorcycles

Well ventilated spaces are virus free - Ride Motorcycles

Protect your nose and mouth - Ride Motorcycles

Recommended use of gloves - Ride Motorcycles

Try not to touch contaminated surfaced - Don't let anyone touch your motorcycle

Avoid shaking hands - Do not remove your gloves when getting off the Motorcycle

Keep a safe distance from people who sneeze or cough - Ride Motorcycles

Maintain a positive and prudent attitude - Only way to ride a Motorcycle

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5.01.22 In February '22 we acquired two 24' box truck full of Vintage & Classic BMWs, and a load of mostly good clean Used BMW Parts, Tools, and Shop Manuals from the estate of a retired gentleman who opened an Independent, mostly older BMWs shop in Florida. A year later he ran into health issues, and in another year he passed unexpectedly.

It appears he was in various stages of beginning restoration on most of the 11 Airheads. A great deal of the body work and varying amounts of other parts had been removed, boxed, and labeled with year & VIN. BMWs indicated very low to moderate miles. Some had varying degrees of faded or lightly damaged paint needing rubout and/or touch-up. All had a significant layer of dust, but very little rust or corrosion.

We made the deal with his wife, because we wanted to fix them all up, not part them out!

Two brightly painted R75/5s were completely intact and had obvious signs of more than a few years of being ridden in that form. Though still low mileage and BEAUTIFUL, they are unusual appearing in the eyes of an average Vintage BMW rider.

Because we cannot find any Service Records on any of the BMWs, we had to assume nothing, and start our Service and Rehab process from the beginning. We have decided we need to perform a BMW Factory Recommended Major (10K Service) on every BMW so we are sure of their condition.

We found that most of the Airheads have a somewhat gummed up motor top end (sticky rings), and seriously stinky and gooey fuel tanks, from sitting stored for several years in the Florida heat. Not a big problem for us, just more time on each one to get them up to our standards for resale.

We are slowly working through the list as time permits. All that we have finished have come out VERY nice! Since then we have finished and sold about half the BMWs.


NOTE: MAY 2022: Unfortunately, our long time technician RICK, has decided he needs to retire. We will miss him greatly! This also mean that the already slow progress on all the BMWs will be even slower, with only one part time Technician available.


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