Auction Shipping Quote



Auction Shipping Quotes


Quotes provided via email ONLY. Email address:

Email Box monitored Weekdays Daytime Only.

Please submit your information via email to:

Within your email include the following

  • First and Last Name:
  • Street Address
  • City, State and Zip Code:
  • Destination Type: Residential or Commercial
  • Phone/Cell Number(s):
  • Auction Number
  • Lot Number(s):
  • Email Address:
  • Paying for Shipping & Handling of your item(s) will require a valid Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, #code, street address number and zip code number where you receive your Credit Card bills.
  • Is USPS does not provide Home delivery to your street address, you must provide a Post Office Box Number, or an alternate Deliverable address. If we must ship via UPS, shipping charges are usually slightly higher.
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In-House Auction Shipping


Buyer must contact Re-Psycle, BMW Parts, via email, to pay for shipping within 5 days of end of auction. Shipping & Handling is charged separately from payment for Items won in the Auction.

Failure to contact and pay us for Shipping & Handling will result in loss of Service.

Buyer must provide a valid Credit Card Number to pay for Shipping & Handling of their Lot(s) won.

Shipping & Handling

The cost of packaging materials will be included in the Handling fee.

There will be a minimum Domestic Handling fee of $10.00 and up, per Lot, except if will ship safely in a padded envelope $6.00 Handling.

There will be an International Handling fee of $20.00 and up, per lot.

More than 1 lot shipped in 1 package may qualify for a Handling fee Discount.

Some larger and heavier items may require a crate; an additional crate construction fee will be necessary. Undamaged Crates may be returned for future shipping Credit.

Shipping will be charged standard shipping rates, depending on carrier chosen.