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Our New Used Parts Warehouse

In November 2011 we began the process of moving the old parts storage containers out of the way, and preparing the rear lot to begin construction of the new used parts storage building. The concrete foundation piers and NE corner retaining wall was poured December 9. The 44' X 88' Concrete floor was pored Tuesday December 13. By the end of December the floor was fully cured, and the building erection began! By 2-07 the outer shell was finished, the doors installed, and the Electrical work, Natural gas, Electric, air, and Phone / Data / Security hook-ups begun.

By Feb 20 the electrical work was mostly finished; but aisle lights were still to be hung. Caulking and R13 walls & roof insulation installation was begun. HVAC Technicians begun to hook up the radiant floor boiler. Work was begun on the automatic electric gate between the storage building and the main shop.

By March 9 the 8' by 40' Gridwall was hung down half of one side wall. The radiant floor began being charged with heat transfer fluid. The two 8 foot diameter 10 blade slow speed ceiling fans (made by Big Ass Fans) were installed. The lighting and work zone timers are done. The security system, computer network lines, and telephones were nearly done. We had 47 metal Industrial shelving units built. We started power washing more used shelving, and sanding and painting the rusty parts (maybe 20% of all of them).

March 12 we began assembling another 65 metal shelving units, and building a 12' by 32' seat rack. The automatic gate works GREAT! On March 16 the radiant floor system had a (successful) test run.

April 1 we began building 10 units of 12' high pallet rack, 20 units of widespan shelving, a 16' by 12' high motor rack, a 40' by 12' high wheel rack, a 20' by 8' high Vintage fairing rack, 9 levels of 4' by 12' carpet covered fuel tank storage shelves, plus more to be determined as need requires. We plan to use every available cubic foot available.



Now we begin the process of moving ALL of our USED parts from the shelving inside the main building, and inside our 8 storage containers, onto the shelving inside our new Used Parts warehouse.

Everything gets cleaned before re-shelving in proper order; a MAJOR undertaking! It will probably take us all Spring, and most of Summer to finish.

As things take shape, we will begin the process of picking out several of every item and bag, tag, bar-code, and bin locate them back onto the original inside shelving in original BMW part number sequence, and enter it into the computer inventory to make a majority of our Used Parts inventory more quickly accessible to our Parts Department salespeople, and into your hands faster.